July 1, 2015
4:25 pm
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Entertainment News For Thursday!

    Weird Al Yankovic His scored his first number one on the Billboard 200 with new album "Mandatory Fun." The comedian/singer released his 14th studio album last Tuesday and the new disc sold over 103,000 copies to land the top spot. "Mandatory Fun" marks the first time a comedy album has topped the chart in over a half century. "Weird Al" also released eight videos during the album's first week of release, garnering over 46 million views in just 8 days. The singer teamed up with several of the web's heavy-hitters to produce each promo, including Funny or Die, Nerdist Industries, Yahoo and CollegeHumor.
      A worker at the Environmental Protection Agency accidentally tweeted out a message promoting Kim Kardashian's new mobile game, "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" on Monday. The official EPA-water twitter page shared the message, "I'm now a C-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too by playing on iPhone!" Naturally, the tweet was deleted, however it remained live for three hours before it was taken down. That left plenty of time for thousands of re-tweets and even more comments. A rep said, "An EPA fellow inadvertently triggered an auto-generated tweet. She regrets the error and has been advised on the sensitivities of using social media. Upside - more attention for the Office of Water. Thanks Kim Kardashian."

      Dwayne Johnson was shocked when he found out what kind of hair was used to make his "Hercules" beard. The actor was forced to spend three hours in the make-up chair every day to portray the Greek demigod, and the process got him thinking about what exactly was being put on his face. He explained on "Live With Kelly & Michael," "The beard hair... had to be put on, strips cut, inch high, quarter inch wide, piece by piece. I asked my Italian designer, I said, 'Matteo, what is this?' He goes, 'Oh, it's the hair from a yak'. It's very expensive, very fine hair... He was putting it on my face and I go, 'Well, what part of the yak?' and he goes, 'The testicles!'" So was he grossed out by the experience? Johnson added, "It's the softest!"

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