July 30, 2015
4:21 am
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Light voter turnout.


County and state seats, millage askings and more... all on the ballot today for voters as Michigan holds a primary election.  Today sees a partisan election for those running for elected office, with millages involving the county library system, the senior citizens and St. Clair County Community College, and County Clerk Jay DeBoyer says despite all that will be decided on, voter turnout is still expected to be low. That in part is due to little in the way of top of the ballot contests. Four years ago there were five republicans running for Governor and two democrats. This year just one for each party and likewise no contests for the U.S. Senate seat that is up for grabs. There are several parts to the ballot today, with the main section partisan, where voters must choose to vote either in Democratic or Republican primaries.  There is also a proposal section on a statewide proposal involving a property tax issue.  Local askings in St. Clair County determine funding for the community college, library, and senior citizens.  There are a half dozen other askings for specific uses in Kenockee, Port Huron, Burtchville, China, and Greenwood Townships as well as a road millage in the Village of Capac. Polls will be open till 8 p.m. You can plug in your address on the Secretary of State’s website and it will show you a sample ballot and provide your polling place information. Election results can be heard live tonight during the Tigers baseball game on WPHM. They will be posted as well on our web site at www.wphm.net.
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