August 5, 2015
3:34 am
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Stupid News for 8/7/14

     An elderly Texas woman allegedly pulled a shotgun on construction workers who were making too much noise outside her home. Authorities were called to the home of 90-year-old Eleouise Adcock and she allegedly pointed the gun at the first deputy who arrived. That led to a standoff between a SWAT team and Adcock that lasted for nearly four hours. A neighbor said, "I knew she was going to be on the news eventually. She's hard to get along with. It's her way or no way." Adcock has lived in her home for more than 40 years, but the properties on either side of her are now occupied by a marine towing company. She won't sell her property to the company and is apparently irritated that they keep asking. Even though she has reportedly pointed guns at workers in the past, charges are not expected to be filed.

       A Washington grandmother had to undergo surgery after she sustained a serious eye injury while fighting off an ornery otter. The aggressive animal went after the woman and her 8-year-old grandson while they were swimming. Tabitha Moser, the woman's daughter, was watching when the four-foot otter went after her son with its razor-sharp claws. She saw the animal near the boy's head and heard him scream. The grandmother was closer to the boy, so she intervened. Moser said, "It followed us all the way up the river. It was biting her as I was dragging her out of the river." After the attack, the boy was taken to the hospital and his grandmother underwent eye surgery. A rep for the department of fish and wildlife said, "I can't begin to go into the mind of this animal and tell you why it did what it did. It could have felt threatened by the human activity in the area. Normally otters are fairly calm around people. They hang around boat docks and that sort of thing. But animals have a fear mechanism and when it's triggered they can become unpredictable."
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