August 4, 2015
8:03 am
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Stupid News for 8/28/14

     A man in England was fined for wasting police time after telling his girlfriend he was kidnapped so he could stay at a party with his friends. The unnamed man told his girlfriend he was being held in a house in Bolton, England until money was paid to the fabricated captor. The man's understandably panicked girlfriend called the police to report the fictional crime, launching a very costly manhunt.  Over a dozen officers executed a neighborhood search, knocking on doors and combing through surveillance footage. The "missing" man was eventually discovered at a party around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Rather an arrest him, the man was fined on the spot and will forever have a criminal record for trying to have night without his girlfriend.

      A Utah woman was ordered to stand trial on arson charges after she allegedly used bacon to ignite a house fire in her ex-boyfriend's home. Cameo Crispi's ex-boyfriend was away from his home in March when he received a barrage of calls and text messages from his embittered ex. Crispi told her former lover that she was in his home, prompting him to call police. Police arrived to smoke coming from house's front door. Upon entering, they observed a wood stove left open with a fire burning inside and hot coals on the floor around the stove, as well as a pound of bacon was found sizzling on the kitchen stove. One officer said,  "I observed the burner to be on the setting 'High' and the bacon to be severely burned and smoking badly." Crispi was arrested, and following medical clearance, taken to jail. The 32-year-old's blood alcohol content was 0.346, over four times Utah's legal limit.
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