November 28, 2014
4:49 am
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A Polish priest claims that "an evil spirit" has taken over the body of a teenager, and that the demon within the g...
Four Colorado fourth graders are facing discipline after they were caught with marijuana they had taken from their grandparen...
A Florida man was arrested over the weekend when he scared a 6-year-old girl after emerging from a stall in a Walgreens bathr...
Officials in Denver say they are adding marijuana-based contests to the 2014 county summer fair. There won't be any actua...
Police who raided Justin Bieber's home last week have claimed that there was no evidence of any drugs in his home during ...
An Oklahoma man had a gut feeling that a package he found on his front lawn was a bomb. But when he took it to cops, he found...
A Missouri woman is going bananas after a man who claimed he wanted to buy her pet monkey ended up swinging by to make the de...
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