July 29, 2014
10:23 pm
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An Arizona man was arrested after he told police he was "trying to shoot the moon" with his handgun. Cameron Read&#...
A New York comedian who thought he was renting his apartment to a family through Airbnb came home to find an orgy. Ari Teman ...
Ashton Kutcher waited until he was on a talk show to respond to months of abuse from Charlie Sheen. While he was a guest on J...
Authorities in San Antonio, Texas, said a man who pleaded guilty to charges of urinating on the Alamo will pay a $4,000 a...
A New Jersey mayor welcoming the Denver Broncos to town for the Super Bowl was asked to get out of the way so John Elway coul...
Lovable 70s pop duo Captain & Tennille are divorcing after 39 years of marriage. Singer Toni Tenille filed for divorce from D...
An Arizona woman tried to deck more than the halls when she sucker-punched a Salvation Army bell-ringer for smiling and wishi...
A Missouri woman is going bananas after a man who claimed he wanted to buy her pet monkey ended up swinging by to make the de...
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