August 4, 2015
12:18 pm
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We all get agitated when the wi-fi connection is bad, but usually not enough to get into a knife fight. That's what Amber...
A Malaysian man who implanted 10 metal ball bearings in his penis to bolster his sexual abilities had to have the balls surgi...
A college fraternity in Lexington, Kentucky caught the eye of Taylor Swift earlier this month when they released a video of t...
Police in Florida said they arrested an alleged bad dad accused of soliciting a prostitute while his toddler son was in the c...
The Arizona Game and Fish Department said two tigers found in different back yards are believed to be owned by the same perso...
A Florida man really stepped in some deep doo-doo when he walked into a liquor store and tried to sneak some up-skirt photos ...
Life isn't a gas for one Kentucky woman who just lost her job because she talked a thug out of robbing the gas station wh...
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