October 24, 2014
4:00 am
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A Texas mother is making a stink because she was asked to leave a pizzeria in Spring after she changed a dirty diaper at a ta...
Forget the get-away car. How about a get-away horse? They're the hottest ride in Alabama. Christine Saunders was drunk wh...
An Alabama woman was unhurt after being run over by a train. According to police, Lynsey Horne fell asleep on the railroad tr...
An Alabama church group has reconsidered a billboard touting the importance of children's education with a quote from Ado...
A Florida man was arrested over the weekend when he scared a 6-year-old girl after emerging from a stall in a Walgreens bathr...
A Missouri woman sued her bank and a major credit bureau for declaring her dead and failing to correct the mistake. Kimberly ...
Authorities in San Antonio, Texas, said a man who pleaded guilty to charges of urinating on the Alamo will pay a $4,000 a...
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