July 28, 2015
4:59 am
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It's called Girls Around Me. Even the name of it is a bit alarming. The app uses locating systems to find what girls (or ...
This video has been all over Facebook this week. The more I watch it... The harder I laugh. This little girl is CRAY!
An EXTREMELY creepy Steve Jobs "action figure" has emerged... and yes... he's staring at you!Apple lovers everywher...
Leave it to the major fashion designers to come up with some of these crazy items:The Umbrella Raincoat for people who value ...
Maybe you've been working on your dance moves with those new video games, maybe you want a shot at fame by being featured in ...
I swooped this off someone's facebook page! It happened around 2 :15 yesterday! Did you see it?
Say it isn't so... Jennifer Lopez was spotted out on a romantic date with Bradley Cooper this weekend. At least it is a step ...
Videos can really be bad when combined with the Internet because they NEVER GO AWAY! Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian made h...
Hands down my favorite song off the album, but I think this video may be even weirder than Born This Way... Who knew it was p...
With the shock value being so high on all her videos, she really toned it down for this one...
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