Impossible Trivia


Nov. Q&A

November 29th Question: The majority of women agree, when a guy turns 30, he should stop doing this. What is it? Answer: Wearing a hat backwards Winner: Tina from Croswell November 28th Question: For the average person,

Oct. Q & A

October 31st Question: 23% of parents argue about this on Halloween. What is it? Answer: What’s for dinner Winner: Sherry from Marine City October 30th Question: In a survey of Trick-or-Treaters, 23% said this is the worst

Sept Q & A

September 28th, 2017 Question: For 8% of students, they break up with someone for this very reason. What is it? Answer: Instagram Winner: Jim from Applegate September 27th, 2017 Question: A new study says that after 3

August Q&A

August 31st Question: 25 years ago the average household spent 17 minutes a day doing this, today it’s 8 minutes. What is it? Answer: The dishes Winner: Brian from Croswell August 30th Question: Married couples say they are five