Macomb Twp. man charged with accosting 14 year old

Macomb County Sheriff's office is reporting that on Friday at 1:11 PM a 14 year old girl in Macomb County was operating a lemonade stand, and was approached by a 67 year old Macomb Township man who offered her money for sexual favors. The girl ran and notified her mother and the suspect entered his vehicle and attemted to leave. Before he could escape a couple who witnessed the incident pulled their car infront of the suspect vehicle, blocking his escape. Authorities were notified and the suspect was taken into custody and yesterday he was charged with Accosting Children for Immoral purposes a 4 year felony..  The suspects name will not been released until his formal arraignment. The suspect lives in the area of the crime and may be involved in more stranger danger incidents. Detectives are reaching out to other police agencies to see if there were any other similar incidents reported.