Museum still closed for repairs


What to do to with the Carnegie Center? That is a question officials with the Port Huron Museum are trying to address. The 25,000 sq ft building, which was built back in 1904 by the Andrew Carnegie foundation, has been closed for renovations since August 9th. Museum officials have discussed the matter with their executive committee and a committee from the Port Huron city council. Susan Bennett, Director of the Museum, says repairs are on the agenda to spruce it up and get some systems fixed to make it a more comfortable environment. The museum won’t be having a fall exhibit this year, a first in quite awhile, but they still have plans for this fall. They will have a group from NASA coming back, and they have some bus trips planned too, with an overnight stay in Grand Rapids with guided tours. For more information on the Port Huron museum or the group's three other main sites, you can visit their website at: