Go and get your flu shots

As we head into the peak of flu season, health officials advise that the best defense against the flu is receiving an annual flu vaccine. The St. Clair County Health Department is administering several flu vaccine options, including the popular "Flu Mist", which they have had trouble keeping in stock. Margaret Sturgis, with the St. Clair County Health Department, tells you where you can get more information or to schedule an appointment you can go online to: scchealth.com, or go to: beattheflu.org. If you are interested in the "Flu Mist" Sturgis recommends that you give the health department a call before you go, just to make sure they have it.You can reach the St. Clair County Health Department at: 810-987-5300. For those 10-21 years of age, vaccines are available at the Teen Health Center, located at 2215 Court Street, on the campus of Port Huron High School.