Two proposals getting ready for voters

Look for a pair of proposals in May from the Port Huron Area School District. The bond askings would include a whole series of needs addressed by a steering committee that recently presented their findings to the Board of Education. The board Monday night in a special meeting told administrators to begin the formal process of getting the funding questions to the voters. That requires the state to approve potential language for the ballot which will be brought back to the board for a final decision. Two questions would be asked, the second of which makes the whole package a bit more expensive but was discovered as a desire by the steering committee. Superintendent Jamie Cain hopes to have the questions in State approved form early next year so the board can get the questions on the May ballot. The multi-million dollar proposal would add around $13 a month to a $90 thousand home's tax if both proposals passed, just under ten dollars a month for just proposal one. As written the second proposal could only pass if the first is given the ok by voters.