First meth lab bust of 2016 for St. Clair County DTF

Two people were arrested Monday night by the St. Clair County Drug Task Force as a result of an investigation into the sale and manufacturing of methamphetamine. According to St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon, members of the DTF set up surveillance on a vehicle which was known to contain a mobile meth lab. The vehicle parked in a wooded area in Bakersfield Park, where DTF requested the Sheriff's Office Road Patrol make contact with the occupants of the vehicle. When deputies approached the car, the two people inside were in the process of making meth. A 41 year-old man and 26 year-old woman, both of Port Huron, were arrested and taken to the St. Clair County jail. They are expected to face charges of operating/maintaining a meth lab, possession of methamphetamine, operating/maintaining a drug vehicle and being an habitual offender. This was the first meth lab bust of 2016 for the DTF. Last year, there were 31 meth lab raids in St. Clair County.