Recent virus spike linked to gatherings, affecting younger populations

Seven more cases of COVID-19 were reported over the past 24 hours in St. Clair County as well as an additional death. One of those new St. Clair County cases is believed to be tied to an outbreak at an East Lansing bar that has now infected nearly 100 people. Medical Health Officer Dr. Annette Mercatante tells WPHM that the outbreak has extended to 19 counties in Michigan, including St. Clair. “The lesson to learn here is that it (COVID) is not over there,” said Mercatante. “It’s as quick as a breath away from you.” As of Tuesday afternoon, there were 560 total cases, 450 recoveries, and 50 fatalities.

Dr. Annette Mercatante also says the new coronavirus cases in the area have been trending younger – a lot younger – than those first reported at the onset of the pandemic. “We are in St. Clair County seeing a gradual increase and a definite shift in the types of cases,” said Mercatante. She says many of the prior cases were tied to nursing homes and other long term care facilities. “Bars and restaurants seem to be the hot spots,” she added.  State and county officials are in the process of performing contact tracing.  Mercatante reminds residents to answer their phone if a public health official calls, saying the only way to stop its spread is to identify and isolate those who are infected.


June 30 Dr. Annette Mercatante