Race Update And Correction!

As of 1 AM Monday morning nine yachts had finished the Bayview Mackinac Race, two yachts completed the event before noon on Sunday, however, their finish times were not posted until later Sunday evening.  The first boat to finish the race in 2020 was MC 2 (MC Squared) which crossed the line at 10:58 Sunday morning in an elapsed time of 21:18:27 and a corrected time of 23:23:21.  Amante 2 finished at 11:18 Sunday morning and is the overall leader in corrected time at 22:46:13.  Heartbreaker, Mockingbird, Callisto, Ohana, Evolution, and Stripes all crossed the line on Sunday evening.  The first boat to finish on Monday was the multihull Adagio, who crossed the line around 12:52 AM.  Several more boats should finish the race overnight and early in the morning on Monday.