Bridge to Bay trail extension in Port Huron announced

More gaps in the Bridge to Bay trail are being filled with the help of grant dollars. This week it was announced that $1.5-million in grant dollars from the Ralph C. Wilson Junior Foundation will be used to connect portions of the north end of Port Huron. The proposed new trail would run along the length of the Black River canal and would include a bridge connecting Holland Woods Middle School and Port Huron Northern High School. Sherri Faust heads up St. Clair County’s regional trails board and tells WPHM that the goal is to have a single north to south trail connecting area communities. Monday’s announcement marks the first of many gaps in the Bridge to Bay trail that are expected to be connected with the help of grant dollars. A grant for $275,000 for renovations to Lighthouse Park was also awarded to the City of Port Huron this week.


July 21 Sheri Faust