Worden not to run for city council

City Councilman Scott Worden will not be seeking another term on Port Huron City Council. Announced yesterday, Worden says he does not wish to serve a second term but did not state a reason. In a letter sent to WPHM, the councilman says he was “humbled and honored” to be elected to city council in 2014 and he plans to stay on council through the end of his term on October 26th, 2020.

Worden’s decision means there are now two current members of Port Huron City Council who will not be seeking re-election this year, the other being Ken Harris. The deadline to withdraw from the race has already passed, so Worden’s name will still appear on the ballot. A total of six hope to fill the three council seats up for election this year They include newcomers Robert Mosurak, Teri Lamb, Chris Troy, Anthony Lindsay, and Tyler Moldovan as well as incumbent Sherry Archibald. Election day is Tuesday, November 3rd.