SC4 trustees fund space shuttle exhibit, administrator refutes candidate’s accusations

St. Clair County Community College Trustees have entered into an agreement with the Challenger Center to start the initial work of bringing a space shuttle-like experience to their Port Huron Campus. At Thursday’s board meeting, trustees committed up to $1.6-million to create a space shuttle and mission control experience on campus. “The family of the astronauts that perished in the challenger accident in 1986 formed a foundation to develop an immersive science, STEM learning opportunity,” said Kramer. Funds would come from grants and donations and not the operating budget of the college.

A candidate for St. Clair County Community College board of trustees is questioning the timing of former board member Amy Holmes’ resignation and the appointment of Randy Fernandez to fill the remainder of her term. Michael Goforth, who finished third in last month’s election, alleged during Thursday’s meting that Homes intended to resign earlier in the year but that her resignation was delayed until after the election. Kramer disputed those accusations saying, “She resigned in November, the board was notified of that, and the board followed it’s established policy.” Kramer said he could not speculate on why Homes resigned from the board just one day after the November 3rd election.