Water levels trend downwards on the St. Clair River

The St. Clair County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management says a change in wind direction has helped to alleviate flooding along the St. Clair River. As of yesterday afternoon, the US Army Corp of Engineers says water levels along the St. Clair River have slightly declined. Algonac water levels are now slightly below the minor flood stage. St. Clair water levels are slightly below the major flood stage. Forecasters say if the weather pattern continues, water levels are likely to continue to go down.


After several days of declining or steady water levels along the St. Clair River, emergency management officials are warning that water levels are back on the rise in the southern portion of St. Clair County. Officials say water levels in St. Clair rose to the minor flood level yesterday and that Algonac is seeing water levels slightly above where they were when the ice jam formed. Ice breaking efforts will continue along the St. Clair River and citizens who have not done so are asked to send damage reports to the county at www.bereadystclaircounty.org.