Police share bicycle safety tips in time for Spring weather

With the warmer weather comes more bicyclists out on the roadways. Sargent Doug Decker of the Port Huron Police Department says says bicyclists have a right to ride on streets as long as they follow the rules of the road.  Bicyclists should ride with traffic, not against traffic, said Decker. He also reminds cyclists to use hand signals when turning, having the proper lights for nighttime visibility, and if choosing to ride on the sidewalk, bicycles must yield to pedestrians.

Decker also shared several reminders for motorists as well. A common issue he sees is drivers who underestimate the speed of a bicycle especially at intersections. “If the bicyclist has the right of way at an intersection, you have to stay at the stop sign and wait for them,” said Decker. He also urges motorists to give cyclists plenty of space while passing and to check twice for cyclists when pulling out of or turning into driveways.