Huron Lightship reopens after extensive repairs

A 100 year old Port Huron landmark is back open to public tours following nearly a year long closure for repairs. The Huron Lightship underwent several thousand dollars worth of repairs this summer, including rust remediation and repairs to the seawall along St. Clair River that was damaged from last year’s record high water levels. Andrew Kercher of the Port Huron Museum tells WPHM the work was completed just in time to reopen for the Huron’s centennial anniversary…

“This spring we missed the actual 100th anniversary of the ship,” said Kercher. “But it is the centennial year no matter which way slice it, and it it is a national historic landmark, so we are very, very excited to have that back open to the public.”

The City of Port Huron’s engineering division contracted with Martin Construction of Port Huron to perform approximately 62-thosuand dollars worth of repairs to the Huron. Much of that was for the back filling of stone and sand around the ship as well as a new walkway leading up to it. Kercher says the lightship along with other museum sites will be open daily through September 20th, afterwords it will be open weekends only.