Council to purchase new police vehicles, tweak rental ordinaces


It’s the first meetings of the new year for city council members in Marysville and Port Huron tonight. In Marysville, councilmembers could recommend a new on premises liquor license for the Knight Club at 11-95 Gratiot Boulevard in Marysville. Marysville City Council meets at 7pm.

Meantime in Port Huron, council will receive and file a liquor license request for The Hallway Headquarters LLC at 12-19 Military Street and welcome three new police officers. Officials are also expected to purchase two new vehicles totaling nearly $87,000 for the Police Department

A second reading and enactment of a new ordinance that changes the city’s building and blight codes is also on the agenda. The proposed amendments modify non owner-occupied residential dwelling fees, changing registration fees from annual to biennial, and monitoring fees from quarterly to annually. Port Huron City Council meets at 7pm tonight.