City to lease parking lot, gives warning to landlords about dumping


More free parking could be coming soon to Downtown Port Huron. During Monday’s city council meeting, members approved an agreement to lease a county-owned parking lot in the northwest corner of Merchant and Quay streets. Located across from the Port Huron Yacht Club, City Manager James Freed says the lot will help support recent developments downtown.

“The county is willing to lease it to us for a dollar if we maintain it,” Freed told council. “This will provide about 190 to 170 spots, depending on how we stripe it, to support that district.”

Port Huron City Council also got an earful from residents last night who were upset by the city’s new refuse removal contract. Residents spoke out about trash piling up in both neighborhoods and in downtown, thanks in part to a new agreement with Emterra Environmental that limits bulky item pickup and excludes businesses from weekly curbside service. Freed, speaking during last night’s council meeting, says the few bad actors will be held responsible.

“Landlords who don’t address the trash, moreover, landlords who decide to bring trash into the city from their rentals outside the city…  will be prosecuted.”

City council Monday approved the purchase of new tasers for the Port Huron Police Department. Police Chief Joe Platzer says the department’s current tasers are reaching the end of their life cycle, and that by purchasing the new equipment, all officers will be using the same style of taser. He will secure refunds when turning in old tasers, ultimately costing taxpayers only $9000 of the initially requested $25,000. The purchase was approved by council last night, as was a liquor license request for the Foundry in Downtown Port Huron, who can now serve alcohol at their location on 1219 Military Street.