Impossible Trivia


Oct. Q & A

October 30th Question: 7% of American families will do this on Halloween. What is it? Answer: decorate the house Winner: Mandy from Marysville October 29th Question: Instead of candy, 8% of American households will give this out

Jul Q & A

July 31st Question: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, 22% of couples argue or bicker about this at least once a month. What is it? Answer: Cleaning Winner: Arron from Carsonville July 30th Question: 38%

May Q & A

May 31st Question: There’s a 23% chance that you’ll do this at some point this weekend. It takes about five minutes. What is it? Answer: Get gas Winner: Shirley from Port Huron May 29th Question: Relationship coaches

Feb. Q & A

February 28th Question: 12% of women have ended a date prematurely, because the guy did this too much. What is it? Answer: Swearing Winner: Emily from Port Huron February 27th Question: Each year, people spend an average

Jan. Q & A

January 31st Question: 17% of people say this is the first “fun” thing they do every weekend. What is it? Answer: Call/text their best friend Winner: Gus from Brown City January 30th Question: The average parent does

Dec. Q & A

December 31st Question: For roughly 3 million Americans, this will be their New Years Resolution for 2019. What is it? Answer: To be nicer to their significant other Winner: Kelly from Sarnia December 21st Question: Married couples