Impossible Trivia


Feb. Q & A

February 28th Question: Roughly 20% of Americans will do this house hold chore at some point this weekend. What is it? Answer: Wash the floors Winner: Jason from Lexington February 26th Question: The average person spends $28

Dec Q & A

December 18th Question: This “family gift” was a top ten family present in 2004. What was it? Answer: Trampoline Winner: Anna Lisa from Port Huron December 17th Question: You’re 35% more likely to impulse buy this item

Nov. Q & A

November 26th Question: Roughly 25% of families will do this together on Thanksgiving morning. What is it? Answer: Cook or bake Winner: Holly from Port Huron November 25th Question: When it comes to food, people are 25%

Oct. Q & A

October 30th Question: 7% of American families will do this on Halloween. What is it? Answer: decorate the house Winner: Mandy from Marysville October 29th Question: Instead of candy, 8% of American households will give this out

Jul Q & A

July 31st Question: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, 22% of couples argue or bicker about this at least once a month. What is it? Answer: Cleaning Winner: Arron from Carsonville July 30th Question: 38%

May Q & A

May 31st Question: There’s a 23% chance that you’ll do this at some point this weekend. It takes about five minutes. What is it? Answer: Get gas Winner: Shirley from Port Huron May 29th Question: Relationship coaches