July 14, 2014
10:06 am
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Local Sports
Over 130 boats have finished the 90th Mackinac Race.  Locally 19 of 25 PHYC boats have finished the race.  Here is a look at how they have done:

Flyin Irish - 5th in J120
Cheeky - 4th in Multi-Hull
Bushwacker - 5th in PHRF C
Engager - 2nd in PHRF C
Good Lookin - 12th in PHRF D
Liberty - 8th in PHRF E
Boomerang - 5th PHRF F
Sorceress - 2nd in PHRF F
Chippewa - 1st in PHRF
68 boats have finished the 90th Mackinac Race, including several from the Port Huron Yacht Club.  Shape has placed first in Level 126, while Rowdy took 3rd and Major Detail 5th in Level 35.  Sorceress is currently 2nd in PHRF F, while Engager is 2nd in PHRF C.  Cheeky had slipped from 3rd to 4th place in the Multi-Hull Division, while Bushwacker is 5th in PHRF C and Liberty is 8th
Win Cooper III and the yacht Shape, from the PHYC, have finished first in the Level 126 class, a non-handicapped division.  Shape crossed the finish line at 2:23 AM Monday.  Earlier Rowdy came in third in the Level 35 class, another non-handicapped division.  Two other boats from PHYC have finished and are in the running for burgees pending the finish of the other yachts in their
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