Sheriff talks about rising drug problem

You have probably heard of drug busts locally, well they are on the rise. St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon gave an overview of the county’s Drug Task Force recently. He says crack cocaine,which has been a constant problem in our county for over 35 years, is also still an issue. 2015 was the biggest year for crack cocaine seizures in the county says Donnellon, with no end in site. Crack cocaine is not the only drug still an issue, heroin and meth seizures are also reaching an all time high. The amount of methamphetamine seized in 2015 by the DTF was 10 times more than the previous year. Sheriff Tim Donnellon tells us that meth use is increasing because it became easier to manufacture. Along with the increase in meth busts, the county is also seeing an increase in heroin use says Sheriff Donnellon. He says the increased heroin use is why home invasions are also on the rise. They are drug addicts, says Donnellon, and they are feeding a habit they can’t feed any other way but to steal. They can steal your TV and Firearms and trade them for heroin.