Feb. Q & A

February 28th

Question: 16% of Millennials have gone on a first date to this type of place. What is it?

Answer: A grocery store

Winner: Tina from Croswell

February 27th

Question: A survey of hiring managers found that 71% of them would not hire the candidate if they did this during the interview. What is it?

Answer: Bite their nails

Winner: Wendy from Fort Gratiot

February 26th

Question: Adults, on average, think about this an hour a week. What is it?

Answer: Money

Winner: Liz from Fort Gratiot

February 23rd

Question: 48% of families are more likely to do this on a Friday night, than any other night. What is it?

Answer: Go to the movies

Winner: Samantha from Port Huron

February 21st

Question: 28% of married women miss this aspect of their life from when they weren’t married. What is it?

Answer: Their space

Winner: Chris from Lexington

February 20th

Question: 14% of people say this is the last thing they do before they leave work. What is it?

Answer: Check their work email

Winner: Nicole from Port Huron

February 19th

Question: For the average American, they have this experience 54 times a year. What is it?

Answer: A bad day

Winner: Riley from Port Sanilac

February 16th

Question: 22% of college students say this is the reason that their last relationship ended. What is it?

Answer: Their parents

Winner: Trisha from Jeddo

February 15th

Question: For 18% of adults, this is the last thing they do before getting into bed. What is it?

Answer: Make sure the doors are locked

Winner: Norma from Port Huron

February 14th

Question: 32% of couples will do this on Valentine’s Day. What is it?

Answer: Argue

Winner: Sarah from Fort Gratiot

February 13th

Question: The average Millennial spends $29 a month on this. What is it?

Answer: Beer

Winner: Nicole from Marysville

February 12th

Question: 73% of married couples argue about this at least once a month. What is it?

Answer: The temperature in the house

Winner: Jennifer from Applegate

February 9th

Question: 43% of people say this is the rudest thing you can do when texting. What is it?

Answer: One word answers

Winner: Kyle from Croswell

February 7th

Question: On average, adult women spend three times as much time doing this, compared to men. What is it?

Answer: On social media

Winner: Richard from Avoca

February 6th

Question: One out nine Americans has worked at this type of business. What is it?

Answer: Convenience/party store

Winner: Nicole from Marysville

February 5th

Question: Nearly half of women have backed out of a date for this reason. What is it?

Answer: They were tired

Winner: Wendy from Port Huron

February 2nd

Question: The average family of four spends $18 a month on this. What is it?

Answer: Candy

Winner: Josh from Palms

February 1st

Question: If you have one of these at home, you’re twice as likely to be viewed as “sensitive” by others. What is it?

Answer: A cat

Winner: Sammy from Port Huron