Meth seized in Marysville, Detroit busts

Over $23,000 worth of meth amphetamines were seized in drug raids last week. In an attempt to cut off the drug supply to the local area, the St. Clair County Drug Task Force executed search warrants for houses in Marysville and Detroit. On April 25th, D.T.F. members raided a house in the 30000 block of Ravenswood Road in Marysville. Nearly $3,000 worth of meth as well as marijuana, handguns, and cash were seized. A 41 year old Marysville man was arrested. Then on April 30th, with the assistance of Detroit Police, authorities searches three houses in Detroit suspected of drug trafficking. About $20,000 of meth were seized in those raids and two Detroit men were arrested. The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department says the busts stemmed from investigations into meth sales in the local area.