Jul. Q & A

July 31st

Question: 52% of women and 18% of men have cried while watching this. What is it?

Answer: Graduation ceremony

Winner: Kris from Lexington

July 30th

Question: Two billion dollars a year is spent battling this. What is it?

Answer: Bad breath

Winner: Kerry from Lexington

July 27th

Question: 18% of people admit to doing this at work, and they technically shouldn’t. What is it?

Answer: Smoking

Winner: Dan from Port Huron

July 25th

Question: Parents will spend roughly $1,450 on this during the summer. What is it?

Answer: Food and drinks for their kids

Winner: Mark from Port Huron

July 24th

Question: 22% of Millenials say that they’ve done this on a first date. What is it?

Answer: Hold Hands

Winner: Beth from Port Huron

July 23rd

Question: The average person does this twice a day. What is it?

Answer: Laugh

Winner: Jessica from Port Huron

July 20th

Question: 43% of women admit to doing this on a first date. What is it?

Answer: Lying

Winner: Jessica from Fort Gratiot

July 19th

Question: For a woman, on average, this costs $55. For a man, on average, this costs $22. What is it?

Answer: A hair cut

Winner: Angie from London

July 18th

Question: 45% of Millennials say this is a good spot for a first date. Where is it?

Answer: A movie

Winner: Samantha from Port Huron

July 17th

Question: 19% of married couples bicker about this at least once a month. What is it?

Answer: Their in-laws

Winner: Sara from Fort Gratiot

July 16th

Question: 37% of couples argue about this at least once a month. What is it?

Answer: Where to eat

Winner: Jennifer from Lexington

July 11th

Question: This summer, Americans will use 45 million pounds of what?

Answer: Marshmallows

Winner: Kelly from Port Huron

July 10th

Question: The average adult spends 18 minutes a day thinking about this. What is it?

Answer: Money

Winner: Shaun from Port Huron

July 9th

Question: One in ten kids were grossed out by this as kids, and are still grossed out by it as adults. What is it?

Answer: Their parents kissing

Winner: Becky from Jeddo

July 6th

Question: Couples that do this, at least once a week, are 35% happier than couples that don’t. And they live longer. What is it?

Answer: Hug

Winner: Lindsey from Fort Gratiot

July 5th

Question: 21% of Americans did this yesterday. What is it?

Answer: Went swimming

Winner: Aurulio from Clyde