Sep. Q & A

September 28th

Question: It’s not any fun, but there’s a 68% chance that you’ll do this at some point this weekend. What is it?

Answer: Clean

Winner: Heather from Burchville

September 27th

Question: Women are 22% more likely to do this on their way home from work, than men. What is it?

Answer: Speed

Winner: Heather from Kimball

September 26th

Question: 4% of married couples met here. Where is it?

Answer: The store

Winner: Beth from Port Huron

September 25th

Question: For couples living together for the first time, there’s a 35% chance that they’re going to argue about this specific chore. What is it?

Answer: Clean the toilet

Winner: Matt from Port Huron

September 24th

Question: 13% of Americans do this fun activity once a month. What is it?

Answer: Go see a movie

Winner: Erin from Marysville

September 21st

Question: You should do this roughly once a month, and it takes about 45 seconds. What is it?

Answer: Re-boot your smart phone

Winner: Lynne Anne from Port Huron

September 19th

Question: The average guy owns between five to ten of these. What are they?

Answer: Sweatshirts or hoodies

Winner: Chelsea from Peck

September 18th

Question: People spend an average of nine minutes a day doing this. What is it?

Answer: Going to the bathroom

Winner: James from Jeddo

September 17th

Question: 26% of people admit to doing this at work. What is it?

Answer: Pay bills

Winner: Laurie from Jeddo

September 14th

Question: Age 15, is the age that you’re most likely to learn this for the first time. What is it?

Answer: A kiss

Winner: Julie from Port Huron

September 12th

Question: On average, women spend $864 a year on this, while men only spend $372. What is it?

Answer: Their hair

Winner: Shawny from Yale

September 11th

Question: For 12% of people, this is the first thing they do when they get home from work. What is it?

Answer: Let the dog out

Winner: Renee from Deckerville

September 5th

Question: 13% of married couples met here. Where is it?

Answer: High School

Winner: Andrew from Port Huron

September 4th

Question: 17% of employees admit to doing this the day after a holiday weekend. What is it?

Answer: Call in sick

Winner: Nicole from Carsonville