Oct. Q & A

October 31st

Question: 11% of Americans will do this on Halloween. What is it?

Answer: Dress up your pet

Winner: Amy from Port Huron

October 30th

Question: 27% of married couples will argue about this at least once a month. What is it?

Answer: Monthly finances

Winner: Shayna from Port Huron

October 29th

Question: The average family will have this item on the dinner table tonight. What is it?

Answer: Mashed potatoes

Winner: Melinda from Croswell

October 26th

Question: 29% of adult Americans will purchase this, this weekend. What is it?

Answer: Candy

Winner: Jeff from Port Huron

October 25th

Question: 16% of people say this is the last thing they do before getting into bed. What is it?

Answer: Turn off the light

Winner: Amanda from Yale

October 24th

Question: If you get caught doing this you’d probably get fired, but 9% of people admit to doing this at work. What is it?

Answer: Stealing supplies

Winner: Cassie from Port Huron

October 22nd

Question: 6% of women say this is the first thing they notice about a guy when they meet him. What is it?

Answer: His nose

Winner: Janet from Sarnia

October 19th

Question: A new study says doing this at work can fight off stress. What is it?

Answer: Swearing

Winner: Lucas from Port Huron

October 17th

Question: For 12% of people, this is the first thing they do when they get to work. What is it?

Answer: Talk to their favorite co-worker

Winner: Jason from Lexington

October 16th

Question: Married individuals spend twice as much time worrying about this important life issue, than single people. What is it?

Answer: Retirement money

Winner: Courtney from Port Huron

October 15th

Question: 72% of women say this is a huge turn off if a guy does this on a first date. What is it?

Answer: Smokes

Winner: Krista from Peck

October 12th

Question: The average person spends $165 a month on this. What is it?

Answer: Things to drink

Winner: Jessica from Port Huron

October 11th

Question: A new study found that women are more attracted to guys that do this, possibly because it’s a sign of confidence. What is it?

Answer: Talk fast

Winner: Jen from Port Huron

October 10th

Question: For 52% of us, we do this within 15 minutes of getting home from work. What is it?

Answer: Sit down and relax

Winner: Karri from Port Huron

October 9th

Question: The average person does this 16 times a day. Experts say, the more you do it, the happier you are. What is it?

Answer: Laugh

Winner: Summer from Port Huron

October 8th

Question: 28% of women have cancelled a date because of this reason. What is it?

Answer: Acne

Winner: Marisa from Port Huron

October 5th

Question: 27% of couples admit to bickering about this at least once a week. What is it?

Answer: Anything to do with sleeping

Winner: Debbie from Port Huron

October 3rd

Question: On any given day, you’ll do this between 10 and 15 times. What is it?

Answer: Wash your hands

Winner: Carl from Lexington

October 2nd

Question: This will be on 44% of dinner tables tonight. What is it?

Answer: Salt

Winner: Betty from Croswell

October 1st

Question: People are 31% more likely to do this at work when it rains. What is it?

Answer: Complain

Winner: Terry from Croswell