Nov. Q & A

November 28th

Question: 21% of people say they always do this on their way home from work. What is it?

Answer: Call or text someone to complain

Winner: Vicky from North Street

November 21st

Question: Sales of this Thanksgiving side dish now exceed 100 million dollars. What is it?

Answer: Jello

Winner: Tiffany from Lexington

November 20th

Question: People will typically do this more in the summer and around the Holidays. 76% of women find it fun, but only 39% of men do. What is it?

Answer: Dancing

Winner: Kandy from Fort Gratiot

November 16th

Question: For 22% of people surveyed, this is the number one item on their Christmas wish list. What is it?

Answer: A new phone

Winner: Lori from Burtchville

November 14th

Question: People usually do this once or twice a day, and it takes about eight minutes to accomplish. What is it?

Answer: Get dressed

Winner: Autumn from Clyde

November 13th

Question: Men are four times more likely as women to do this nice gesture for their significant other. What is it?

Answer: Fill their gas tank

Winner: Brooke from Fort Gratiot

November 12th

Question: 27% of adults wish they did this when they were younger. What is it?

Answer: Go to college

Winner: Debbie from Port Huron

November 9th

Question: Studies say the longer you’re married, the less you bicker about this. What is it?

Answer: The laundry

Winner: Belinda from Croswell

November 8th

Question: 63% of people admit to doing this at work. What is it?

Answer: Pay their bills

Winner: Ashley from Lexington

November 7th

Question: On average, this will happen twice a year to you. It’s usually briefly painful, and annoying. What is it?

Answer: Stub your toe

Winner: Shannon from Clyde

November 6th

Question: 14% of couples in their 20’s broke up for this reason. What is it?

Answer: The other person’s pet

Winner: Brad from Port Huron

November 5th

Question: The average adult is twice as likely to forget doing this on Monday, than any other day of the week. What is it?

Answer: Adjust the thermostat

Winner: Jen from Burchville