Republicans sweep area legislative races

Local polling places recorded record voter turnout numbers in yesterday’s midterm election. The City of Port Huron Clerk’s Office recorded one of the highest voter turnouts ever, surpassing the 2016 presidential election. And although the democrats fared pretty well in nationwide and statewide races yesterday, local legislative districts throughout the thumb area will still remain red after yesterday’s election. Incumbent 10th district congressman Paul Mitchell was re-elected last night receiving 60 percent of the vote. Dan Lauwers will make the move from the Michigan House of Representatives to the Michigan Senate, where he was the overwhelming favorite for the 25th district. Newcomer Gary Eisen will take Lauwer’s current seat in the 81st district, and incumbent republicans Shane Hernandez and Pamela Hornberger will remain in the State House for the 81st and 32nd districts, respectively.