Furry Friday – Janet – 12/21/18


Meet Janet! She’s a 5 month old lab-pit mix breed. This pup is a definitely a lover! She’s eager to learn new things and wants to please everyone. She will curl right onto your lap with her favorite toy and stay there until you’re ready to move. Could Janet be the Christmas miracle you’re looking for? Remember, do NOT adopt a dog for Christmas unless you’re ready for a life long commitment! Only gift a dog to someone that has been looking for one!

Go adopt them from the St Clair County Sheriff’s Animal Control today by clicking HERE, thanks to Jones Equipment Rental Sales and Service!

Watch Their Video! 


Happy Furry Friday! Meet Janet the puppy!! Prepare to have your heart melted! Adopt her today to make an Xmas miracle for someone. The Animal Control is open until 4p!

Posted by 96.9 WBTI on Friday, December 21, 2018