City secures funding for gun buyback program

In an effort to reduce gun violence, the City of Port Huron will be participating in a gun buyback program this spring. Speaking to WPHM’s Paul Miller yesterday morning, Port Huron Councilwoman Sherry Archibald says the idea was presented by Port Huron Police Chief Joe Platzer at this past Monday’s city council Meeting. Archibald adds that funding for the buyback will come from Dr. James Acheson and the Acheson Foundation. Between $100 and $400 would be offered for each firearm, depending on the type of weapon, with no questions asked. More details on the event will be released by the Port Huron Police Department in the coming weeks.  The mayor pro-tem also says she is reviewing public input that was received during city council’s goal setting session last week. Among the suggestions were ideas to promote the city’s neighborhoods, as well as adding more recreation assets such as parks and trails.  She also says there is a growing interest for vacation rental homes, such as Air BNB’s, which can be rented out for tourists to use.


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