PHPD: Gun buyback a success

The Port Huron Police Department says this past weekend’s gun buyback event was such a success, that they ran out of funds early. The police department says the event started at 10am this past Saturday and that they used up all of the $5,000 dollars provided for the event by noon. Funding for the gun buyback program came from the James C. Acheson Foundation, with several officers using their own personal funds to continue to buy back guns after they ran out of cash. A total of 15 shotguns, 18 rifles, and 29 handguns were collected as well as several non functioning firearms. The Port Huron Police Department says they are working with the Acheson foundation to make the gun buy back an annual event.


The Port Huron Police Department will be offering Port Huron Residents cash for guns this weekend during a gun buyback program. Police Chief Joe Platzer says the event takes place Saturday, April 6th, from 10am to 2pm in the parking lot directly south of the the Municipal Office Center. He adds that it’s a good way to get unused firearms out of the house and that the program is strictly voluntary. Funding for the gun buyback program, which will pay-out up to $400 dollars per weapon, is being provided by the Acheson Foundation. Platzer says no questions will be asked by officers at tomorrow’s event.

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