May Q & A

May 31st

Question: There’s a 23% chance that you’ll do this at some point this weekend. It takes about five minutes. What is it?

Answer: Get gas

Winner: Shirley from Port Huron

May 29th

Question: Relationship coaches say that one in five couples go to therapy to deal with this. What is it?

Answer: Their in-laws

Winner: Robert from Harbor Beach

May 28th

Question: 11% of people have broken up with someone, because of this. What is it?

Answer: A Facebook post

Winner: Jack from Sarnia

May 22nd

Question: 71% of parents have told their kids this little white lie. What is it?

Answer: It won’t hurt

Winner: Michelle from Port Huron

May 21st

Question: 73% of women struggle with this in the morning. What is it?

Answer: Getting out of bed

Winner: Lisa from Sarnia

May 20th

Question: 46% of women have done this while getting ready to go out. What is it?

Answer: Make a drink

Winner: Sarah from Croswell

May 17th

Question: 31% of women say they like it when a guy does “this” to his hair. What is it?

Answer: Shaves it

Winner: Hannah from Port Huron

May 15th

Question: On average, people do this three times a day while they’re at work. What is it?

Answer: Complain

Winner: Stephen from Deckerville

May 14th

Question: 25 years ago, 90% of kids played with this. Today, only 34% of kids have ever played with this. What is it?

Answer: Jump rope

Winner: Melissa from Fort Gratiot

May 13th

Question: 31% of moms say they stress out about this, almost everyday. What is it?

Answer: Their weight

Winner: Kristy from Fort Gratiot

May 10th

Question: 12% of people will give their mom this for Mother’s Day. What is it?

Answer: A picture frame

Winner: Shannon from Croswell

May 8th

Question: 31% of women have not given a guy a second date, because he did this on the first date. What is it?

Answer: Tried to kiss them

Winner: Heather from Port Huron

May 7th

Question: In the past year, 48% of women and 6% of men have cried for this reason. What is it?

Answer: Stubbed their toe

Winner: Alex from Clyde

May 5th

Question: 19% of people say this is the last thing they do before they get into bed. What is it?

Answer: Make sure the door is locked

Winner: Ashley from Kimball

May 2th

Question: When it comes to spending “fun money,” Americans spend more on this than ever before. What is it?

Answer: Music

Winner: Karen from Fort Gratiot

May 1st

Question: 21% of women have ended a date early, because the guy did this. What is it?

Answer: Smoke

Winner: Robin from Clyde