Jun. Q & A

June 25th

Question: When it comes to the first month of dating, 12% of couples will go here on a date. Where is it?

Answer: The grocery store

Winner: Amanda from Port Huron

June 24th

Question: A new study says doing this at work can fight off stress. What is it?

Answer: Swear

Winner: Anne from Lexington

June 21st

Question: The average person spends seven minutes thinking about this everyday. What is it?

Answer: What they’re going to wear

Winner: Amber from Kimball

June 14th

Question: 45% of people have stolen this from work at least once in their life. What is it?

Answer: Napkins

Winner: Robyn from Port Huron

June 12th

Question: 26% of women have ended a relationship, because they didn’t like this about him. What is it?

Answer: Their mother

Winner: Shay from Lake Port

June 11th

Question: When it comes to buying these, 62% of women say they wish men were better at picking these out. What are they?

Answer: Jeans

Winner: Karen from Fort Gratiot

June 10th

Question: 32% of adults say this is the perfect place for a second date. Where is it?

Answer: The park

Winner: Amanda from Port Huron

June 7th

Question: 92% of moms agree, they can’t stand it when their kids do this. What si it?

Answer: Lie

Winner: Tanya from port Huron

June 5th

Question: 35% of women say it’s a huge turn-off when a guy does this too much. What is it?

Answer: Tans

Winner: Laura from Applegate

June 4th

Question: According to a recent survey of Millenials, 12% say doing this is a great date idea. What is it?

Answer: Going to the zoo

Winner: Crystal from Port Huron

June 3rd

Question: 70% of people admit to using this as an excuse to miss work. What is it?

Answer: Problem with a pet

Winner: Shelly from Port Huron