Aug. Q & A

August 28th

Question: 15% of women say that when they meet a guy for the first time, this is what they notice first. What is it?

Answer: His hair

Winner: Lynda from Port Huron

August 27th

Question: 19% of people say that this is the first thing they do when they get out of bed in the morning. What is it?

Answer: Put clothes on on

Winner: Julie from Port Huron

August 26th

Question: People are 13% more likely to do this on Monday, compared to any other day of the week. What is it?

Answer: Cry

Winner: Shane from Port Huron

August 23rd

Question: People are 55% more likely to do this on the weekends, compared to weekdays. What is it?

Answer: Go out to eat

Winner: Shayna from Croswell

August 21st

Question: 80% of women agree, if a guy is good at doing this, they automatically find him attractive. What is it?

Answer: Dressing himself

Winner: Jennifer from Port Huron

August 19th

Question: The average couple spends 10 minutes a day talking about this. What is it?

Answer: Work

Winner: Jon from Port Huron

August 16th

Question: On average, it takes three minutes and 45 seconds to do this? What is it?

Answer: Wait in a drive-through

Winner: Rebecca from Lexington

August 14th

Question: For 9% of couples, they say they met here. Where is it?

Answer: A store or business

Winner: Gus from Brown City

August 7th

Question: Men are more likely to hide these, than women. What are they?

Answer: Love letters

Winner: Sharon from Port Huron

August 6th

Question: 39% of women say they’ve cried when their husband surprised them by doing this. What is it?

Answer: Cleaned something

Winner: Amanda from Port Huron

August 5th

Question: People are more likely to do this at work, on a Monday. What is it?

Answer: Get mad

Winner: Jennifer from Kimball