Repp says pot shop ban gives council time to draft new ordinance

More time go get things right… that’s how Port Huron mayor Pauline Repp describes city council’s consideration of a ban on recreational marijuana businesses for at least one year’s time. Repp, speaking to WPHM’s Paul Miller yesterday morning, says Michigan municipalities were already opted-in to allow such establishments under a new state law unless council took action. She says the ordinance had it’s first reading Monday night and gives council more time to draft a more restrictive and comprehensive pot code, if they choose to do so. “We decided it would be better to take our time, look into all of those options that are available, and see exactly what rules are coming down from the state,” said Repp. The ordinance would expire on June 30th of 2020. It could be enacted at the next Port Huron City Council Meeting on September 9th.


August 13 Mayor Pauline Repp