Sept. Q & A

September 30th

Question: 34% of married couples say they argue about this, at least once a month. What is it?

Answer: What to watch on T.V.

Winner: Karen from Fort Gratiot

September 27th

Question: Sometimes it’s a need, sometimes it’s a want, but 20% of Americans will purchase these this weekend. What are they?

Answer: Shoes

Winner: Patricia from Fort Gratiot

September 25th

Question: The average person spends $82 a month on this. What is it?

Answer: Water

Winner: Dakota from Port huron

September 24th

Question: When it comes to household chores, the average woman does this every six weeks, the average guy does it every 12. What is it?

Answer: Clean the windows

Winner: Chelsea from Applegate

September 23rd

Question: 45% of women agree, if a guy does this on a first date, he will not get a second. What is it?

Answer: Text others

Winner: Mallory from Port Huron

September 20th

Question: If you’re married, there’s a 30% chance you’ll do this together at some point this weekend. What is it?

Answer: Argue

Winner: Sharon from Applegate

September 18th

Question: The average woman owns six of these. the average guy owns one. What is it?

Answer: Perfume

Winner: Amanda from Port Huron

September 17th

Question: According to a recent survey, 89% of parents said they couldn’t stand it when their kids did this. What is it?

Answer: Lie

Winner: Emily from Kimball

September 16th

Question: 36% of women say this is their husband’s worst trait. What is it?

Answer: Channel surfing

Winner: Sarah from Jeddo

September 13th

Question: People are four times more likely to do this when it’s raining. What is it?

Answer: Complain

Winner: Patricia from Port Huron

September 10th

Question: 17% of Americans would choose this as their last meal. What is it?

Answer: Fried chicken

Winner: Raquel from Sandusky

September 9th

Question: 30% of couples say that they like to do this after having an argument. What is it?

Answer: Watch their favorite T.V. show together

Winner: Bonnie from Fort Gratiot

September 8th

Question: 25% of adults claim to have been “annoyed” with their neighbor because they did this. What is it?

Answer: Played an instrument

Winner:Jennifer from Lexington

September 4th

Question: 67% of women have admitted to crying, because they witnessed this. What is it?

Answer: They saw an animal get run over by a car

Winner: Laurie from Marysville