Nov. Q & A

November 26th

Question: Roughly 25% of families will do this together on Thanksgiving morning. What is it?

Answer: Cook or bake

Winner: Holly from Port Huron

November 25th

Question: When it comes to food, people are 25% more likely to do this on Thanksgiving. What is it?

Answer: Eat less dessert

Winner: Andrea from Clyde

November 19th

Question: Nearly 40% of people admit to having at least one of these in their vehicle. What is it?

Answer: Wet wipes or Kleenex

Winner: Amy from Fort Gratiot

November 15th

Question: The average American spends $10.49 on this for Thanksgiving. What is it?

Answer: Butter

Winner: Michael from Port Huron

November 13th

Question: 14% of women say this is the first thing they notice about a guy when they meet him. What is it?

Answer: His smile

Winner: Amanda from Jeddo

November 12th

Question: 65% of women agree, if a guy does this on a first date, he’s probably going to get another. What is it?

Answer: Speak nicely about his family

Winner: Maryanne from Fort Gratiot

November 11th

Question: 18% of people admit to stealing this from work. What is it?

Answer: Printed paper

Winner: Mike from Ward

November 8th

Question: 18% of people complain about this at work. What is it?

Answer: The temperature at work

Winner: Terry from Fort Gratiot

November 6th

Question: 5% of people say this is the very last thing they do in bed before they try to fall asleep. What is it?

Answer: Say goodnight to their cat

Winner: Trisha from Croswell

November 5th

Question: 60% of cat owners have done this with their cat. What is it?

Answer: Argued with the cat

Winner: Mike from Fort Gratiot

November 4th

Question: In a survey of men over the age of 35, nearly 20% said they were thankful for this. What is it?

Answer: Their hair

Winner: Russ from Port Huron