SC4 taps the brake on Haynes park purchase

St. Clair County Community College say they are putting a request to purchase Haynes park from the City of Port Huron on pause. Chief Operating Officer Kirk Kramer tells WPHM there isn’t enough space at the park to build an outdoor athletic field as originally planned. “We knew it wasn’t ideal, still wanted to explore that,” said Kramer, referencing the soccer field concept. “As we progressed, we thought ‘You know, let’s put this on pause and let’s evaluate all our options.'” Announced last week, SC4 had agreed to purchase Haynes Park from the City for $25,000. The college would turn the park, as well as some recently acquired land to the north of the par,k into an outdoor athletic complex. The agreement was to be placed on Monday’s  Port Huron City Council agenda.

In the meantime, Kramer says SC4 will continue to evaluate its options for the park and several other parcels recently purchased north of Glenwood Avenue. “We have some long term concepts and ideas,” said Kramer. “We’re going through the evaluation process.” Kramer says he expects two apartment buildings immediately north of Haynes Park, as well as another block of buildings bound by Erie and Glenwood, to be demolished in the first quarter of 2020. He says there is no formal plan on what to do with the properties once cleared, but Kramer did not rule out additional student housing.