Port Huron City Council to take 5-week hiatus

As council members keep their distance Monday night, Port Huron City Council took action on dozens of items to keep essential city services operating for at least the next five week. Among the items approved Monday were contracts for essential chemicals for the Port Huron Water Treatment Plant, as well as necessary city building repairs, and the approval of the City Manager’s administrative directions. Also approved was a resolution to delay the filing deadline for the city’s income tax returns.  Mayor Pauline Repp says city council authorized the extension of the city’s income tax filing deadline, moving it from April 30th to July 31st. City council also authorized directives for drive through and pickup lanes in downtown Port Huron and a directive suspending water shut offs for the immediate future. Council also postponed upcoming meetings, with members scheduled to meet again April 27th.


March 24 Pauline Repp